Impact on Individuals

Consider a computer programmer that codes happily away on their own, but through resources provided by the PB they are a member of learns about collaborative coding in ‘the cloud’. This could potentially be sufficient to radically alter their day to day routine.

Additionally, though, this awareness will likely, or at least hopefully, also lead in to exploration of other parallel issues that, while connected to coding in the cloud, have strong wider social considerations attached. In its simplest form we are now talking about privacy.

How privacy? Well, if a programmer moves to collaborative coding in the cloud then issues relating to the privacy and visibility of the code being written come in to play, which in turn should lead to exploration of such matters as data encryption, firewalls, viruses and Acts of Legislation such as the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988.

Once the professional starts exploring issues of privacy this can then lead them to then think about these wider issues not only in relation to the original concept of coding in the cloud but also to all aspects of their use of computers in their professional and private life, whether that be privacy issues with email, banking, social networking membership and so on.

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