The Institute for the Management of Information Systems (IMIS) is “an international professional association devoted to supporting and promoting the profession of information systems management.”

Created in 1978 from a merger of the Data Processing Management Association and the Institute of Data Processing, the IMIS (previously the Institute of Data Processing Management) owes much to the traditional idea of computing where computers have rooms to themselves and are used to perform large data processing tasks such as bank account reconciliation.

These large data intensive tasks are still a large part of the information systems departments of most corporations and the institute provides support for computing professionals in those areas. Unlike the BCS, therefore, which exists to be the overall body representing computing in the UK, the IMIS’ focus is on leveraging information systems and supporting its members involved in that area.

Many of the society’s aims, such as providing training, publicizing the work of computer professionals and lobbying government, are similar to those of the BCS.

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