Knowledge and Best Practice

Knowledge and best practise is the area that some might view as the most consistent area to derive benefit from as a result of being a member of a professional body. This is the benefit that permits the member access to the resources of the professional body, such as: books, databases, journals and research papers that the member might most often use on a day to day basis.

It is this access to resources that will likely influence, inform, and maintain a member’s knowledge and understanding of their discipline in a consistent and flexible way, as within professional jobs this type of access to relevant and up to date information forms the cornerstone of effective, productive, ethical and professional working.

Reflecting back over the last few sections, we can see that the benefits of membership of a Professional Body (as exemplified by BCS) reduce down to:

  • becoming more readily identifiable as employable (recognition)
  • access to events and specialised lectures and seminars, resulting in a greater network of peers that the member can discuss issues with and an increase of knowledge
  • access to specialised information, both historical and current, that the member can refer to on a day-to-day basis that enables them to carry out their job in a more efficient and informed fashion.

It is important at this stage for us to understand that we have only considered the benefits of membership to the BCS, as such it should be appreciated that membership to other PBs may bring different benefits and focus on other priorities; therefore, the reader might benefit from exploring the benefits of other PB’s separately.

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