Impact of Professional Bodies

What impact do Professional Bodies have on society, business and the duties of computing practitioners within the workplace? Let us, again, consider the BCS and approach the above question backwards. That is, what impact does a PB have on the duties of a computing practitioner within the workplace, business and society? Put another way, what might a professional do differently in their day to day jobs as a result of being a member of an organisation like the BCS and how might that extend out to affect the sphere of business and society?

The first answer that comes to mind is ‘read’. By this we mean that as a result of the access that the member has to books, journals and other such resources they have an opportunity, and it could be argued a professional, if not even a moral and ethical, responsibility to read historical and current information related to their profession.

The idea here is that by reading then they would become aware of current and historical issues in their field which in turn may enable them to be more understanding, compassionate, or from a more practical level, efficient in their jobs.

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